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Ventilated Beekeeping Suit with Round and Fencing Veil
ComfortPro Full Bee Suit
Overlapping Zippers for Beekeeping Jacket
Side View of Unique 3D Air Mesh

Ventilated Bee Suit with Round Veil and Fencing Veil – Full Suit

5.0 (10 reviews)


If you are looking for complete peace of mind you can trust the superior sting protection of a ComfortPro ventilated bee suit. In addition to feeling safe working your bees, our unique design offers the most breathable and lightweight suit possible. This suit comes with BOTH a round veil and a fencing veil so you can choose which you like best!

Easy On Ventilated Beekeeping Suit

Full length zipper on both legs of our ventilated bee suit allows our suits to be put on or taken off easily even with boots on

Highest Protection

Our unique 3D fabric is thicker than the bees stinger keeping you safe from stings

Most Breathable

Cool air easily passes through our bee suits single ventilated layer while body heat is released

Lightest Weight

Almost 40% lighter than 3 layer ventilated bee suits

Clearest View

Nearly invisible fencing veil screen allows you to focus on your bees

Interchangeable Veils

Our beekeeping suits and bee jackets come with a fencing veil or a round veil or you may choose to get BOTH and the veils can be used interchangeably

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Note: It is recommended that men size up one size in our full suits. Our suits are lightweight and it is better to have the extra room for maximum comfort when working your bees.

The waist of our ventilated bee suits is VERY stretchy by design. This makes a tight closure around your waist keeping bees out. This size chart “Waist Not Stretched” measurement is the circumference of the jacket when laid flat with no tension on the elastic. The waist will stretch from this measurement to the fully stretched measurement.

ComfortPro Ventilated Bee Suit Size Chart:

ComfortPro Ventilated Bee Suit Size Chart 2023
ComfortPro Ventilated Bee Suit Size Chart 2023

Additional information

Weight 64 oz
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 4 in
Full Suit Size

XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL


ComfortPRO Beekeeping Suits

10 reviews for Ventilated Bee Suit with Round Veil and Fencing Veil – Full Suit

  1. Rebecca

    When I received my suit within a few days of ordering, I tried it on and was shocked at the comfort it entails.
    I hope, with my nerves, this stays close to me for many years. Even bought my hubby one.

  2. Aaron

    After purchasing an XXL suit for my son I decided to get one for myself. Im an odd size, being 6’2 and all torso with a short inseam. After some emails back and forth with Matt i went with the 4x suit and 3x gloves. It arrived today and fits so well that it feels like it was made for me. The suit is extremely llight and the breathability will be appreciated this summer. The pocket placements are nice and will hold what I need well. I also like the price point vs other breathable suits.

  3. James

    My entire crew loves these suits.

  4. Erik

    I absolutely love my Comfort Pro Suit. Been using a little over a year now and still going strong.

  5. Bill

    I have used this suit through the hot summer. It is cooler than my lightweight. It is very comfortable to move in. I especially like the very secure closures. Even my angry hive was not able to find a way in. I also appreciate the openable face shield because it allows me to adjust my eyeglasses and wipe my face. No problem with the zippers which seem to be of good quality. I highly recommend this suit.

  6. donna ford

    I’m a new beekeeper, in fact, I’m so new my bees haven’t arrived yet. The ComfortPro Bee Suit shipped very quickly and was packaged well. It exceeded my expectations. It fit nicely, with plenty of stretch for movement without binding, no readily apparent defects in the material or manufacturing. The material sits nicely against bare skin, so I don’t think an underlayment garment is necessary, which should be nice on those hot days! Well thought out design, with plenty of easily accessible pocket space, full length zipper on the legs makes getting in and out of the suit very easy for an old guy with a stiff body. As I said, I haven’t gotten my bees yet, so I can’t say anything about protection from bee stings, but from talking to others about the 3-layer mesh, I see no reason it shouldn’t provide the same superior protection as other top quality bee suits. I’ll update this feature when my bees arrive. I went with the option of purchasing two veils, that are easily changed by un-zipping one and zipping the other in its place. It should easily live up to its name…ComfortPro.

    ComfortPro is a small, family operated USA business with the best customer service you’ll find anywhere. Matt will be attenuative to your questions or concerns…a very refreshing change from multi-national corporations with a customer service department that barely speaks your language. I also bought a pair of beekeeper’s gloves, and the quality was also excellent. ComfortPro prices are very competitive and provides, what I feel, is excellent value for the money. Without evaluating the sting protection, I would rate the ComfortPro Bee Suit with both the Round-style and Fencer-style veils with a 5-star out of 5.

  7. Ralph Jr

    Awesome costumer service, fast response when I had questions and fast and easy size exchange. Now I need to get into some hives, nobody listens to someone in a perfectly white bee suit!

  8. Bryan

    Suit is awesome. Matt is awesome, the customer service is second to none.

  9. David

    Wonderful suits with great customer service. These suits are well made of durable material and are breathable which is important here in Texas. The protection level is exceptional and they fit well. I have just ordered my third suit for my daughter to help in the apairy. Thank you Comfort Pro.

  10. Nichole

    Perfect for hot Utah summers. Suit just arrived and I’m so impressed with its quality. It’s incredibly lightweight with lots of pockets! I also ordered gloves and love the fit. In other gloves, I’ve sized up to a large but a medium is perfect with no extra bulk. It’s worth mentioning there was a handwritten “thank you” on my receipt- that kind of customer service is rare. I will absolutely order another.

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