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The great Fencing Veil vs Round Veil Debate: Which is Best?

Beekeeping fencing veil vs Round veil

As with most things in beekeeping, beekeepers have strong opinions on which veil to choose for their bee suit or bee jacket: Fencing veil or Round Veil. In many cases they have simply stuck with the one they first started with years ago and now they swear by it, mostly because it would be inconvenient to change. If you are buying a bee suit for the first time, it can be difficult to know which is best for you. In this article, we will try to explore the benefits of each, and if you are still not decided we will explain how you can get and try BOTH to help you choose which veil design is right for you.

Bee Suit Round Veil

A round beekeeping veil sits on top of the beekeeper’s head. A round veil had a round brim (hence the name) that holds the veil screen around the outside edge of the brim (veil screen usually goes all or most of the way around brim).
Ventilated Beekeeping Jacket with Round Veil

Round Veil Benefits:

  • Secure Fit on Beekeeper’s Head
  • Wide Unobstructed View
  • Extra Protective Space All the Way Around
  • Sun Protection (From Hat’s Brim)

Round Veil Disadvantages:

  • Warmer (As It Is Worn As a Hat)
  • One Size Fits Most (Those with very large or small heads may have more trouble with veil fitting)

Bee Suit Fencing Veil

A fencing veil, seemingly named after the similar veil used for fencing with foils and sabers, is more similar to a hood of a sweatshirt than a hat. It does not however rest on the head, it sits above the head supported by a stiff material that archers over the from of the head. A fencing veil has veil screen in the front and often on the sides of the veil as well.
Ventilated Beekeeping Jacket with fencing veil

Fencing Veil Benefits:

  • Cooler (As It Is Not Worn on the Head)
  • Easy Open Veil (*Available from ComfortPro Suits)
  • Wide Clear View Screen (*Available from ComfortPro Suits)

Fencing Veil Disadvantages:

  • Doesn’t Move With Head As Easily (As It Is Not Worn On the Head)
  • Some Brands Offer Narrow Viewing Area (*ComfortPro Offers a Wide View)


In the end it is up to each beekeeper to review the pros and cons of fencing veils and round veils and decide for themselves which veil is right for them. Some love that round veils sit on their head and feel secure and turn when they turn their head. They also like that the round veil puts extra space all around between them and the bees. Others like that the fencing veil is off their head. ComfortPro customers also enjoy the wide clear view and easy open veil offered by our fencing veil design. In the end it is up to you.

Have it All! – Get Both a fencing veil AND Round Veil With Your Suit or Jacket

ComfortPro Suits are designed to allow our fencing veils and round veils to be interchangeably and can be easily switched. This allows us to give our customers the unique opportunity to order a bee jacket or bee suit with both veil options. You can test them both, decide which you prefer and keep the second for a backup.


Happy Beekeeping!

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