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Our Ventilated Bee Suits Offer 4 Key Advantages
Over Traditional Bee Suits

Greatest ProtectionProtective Beekeeping Suits

Our beekeeping suits and jackets keep you safe from bee stings by putting more distance between you and the bees than a honey bee stinger can reach. This leaves you focused on the work at hand, without fear of being stung. Our overlapping zipper covers as well as tight elastic wrists and ankle cuffs also protect you from those guard bees that like to sneak in.

Breathable Ventilated Bee SuitMost Breathable

Our unique 3D air-mesh is a single layer designed to allow maximum air flow. This allows more air in and the perspiration from you hard work out. When you feel the breeze through your suit for the first time, you will be glad you chose a ComfortPro suit.

Light Weight Bee SuitLightest Weight

Not only are our bee suits more breathable they are also 40% lighter than 3 layered suits. This reduced weight along with the breathability and smoothness of our material will make working your bees more comfortable than ever before.

Interchangeable beekeeping veilsInterchangeable Veils

Do you prefer fencing veils or round veils? Whether you have a preference or are a NewBee and want to try both our suits are for you. With every order we include BOTH a fencing veil and a round veil. These veils are interchangeable so you can test both to see which you prefer, or wear your preference and keep the other for a backup.

Choose our ventilated beekeeping jacket, full beekeeping suit, or ventilated beekeeping gloves below to learn more:

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