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Overlapping Zippers for Beekeeping Jacket
Side View of Unique 3D Air Mesh

Ventilated Beekeeping Jacket With Round Veil

5.0 (6 reviews)


Our beekeeping Jackets are made from a unique material called air-mesh. This material offers superior protection from bee stings while offering great breathability. With cool air moving through your bee jacket and your body heat freely moving out you will feel cooler and more comfortable in the bee yard allowing you to focus on your bees. Our jackets are also lightweight, nearly 50% lighter than traditional 3-layered bee suits, and this is a difference you can really feel on those long hot days in the bee yard.

Our ventilated beekeeping jacket with fencing veil offers an easy zip-open veil. This zip-open veil is a huge help when you need to get a sip of water, answer a call, or do all the other things that are usually impossible from inside your bee suit. Plus, our fencing veils offer an amazingly clear view, allowing your eyes to easily focus on your bees NOT the screen in front of you.

Highest Protection, Most Breathable, Lightest Weight, Clearest View


ComfortPro Ventilated Bee Jacket Size Chart

ComfortPro Ventilated Bee Jacket Size Chart 2022

Note: It is recommended if you are between sizes that you size up. Our ventilated bee jackets are lightweight and it is better to have the extra room when working bees.

The waist of our bee jackets is VERY stretchy by design. This makes a tight closure around your waist keeping bees out. This size chart “Waist Not Stretched” measurement is the circumference of the jacket when laid flat with no tension on the elastic. The waist will stretch from this measurement to the fully stretched measurement.


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ComfortPRO Beekeeping Suits

6 reviews for Ventilated Beekeeping Jacket With Round Veil

  1. Calvin

    The construction of the jacket, zippers & hood are durable, light weight & thick enough to prevent stings. A superior, well thought out product!

  2. Bill

    I have used this suit through the hot summer. It is cooler than my lightweight. It is very comfortable to move in. I especially like the very secure closures. Even my angry hive was not able to find a way in. I also appreciate the openable face shield because it allows me to adjust my eyeglasses and wipe my face. No problem with the zippers which seem to be of good quality. I highly recommend this suit.

  3. Jeremy

    Had my first summer honey extraction with this suit today and I’m very pleased. Still warm, with it being nearly 94 degrees today, but the air moving through the ComfortPro was a major relief compared to my old, cotton jacket. And even though the girls were not happy with me, didn’t get one sting! I wear a large shirt and the large jacket fits perfect. Definitely recommend!

  4. Michael Guidry

    The coolest lightweight jacket you will ever own. This jacket is also well made and will hold up well for years.

  5. ECP East Coast Prospecting

    WOW – these are quality suits and jackets…. Matt was willing to go out of his way to fit me properly at the recent Hive Life Conference. Really really nice having exactly what I wanted in a ventilated suit with the exact vail that I needed…. Excellent Products and Service.. Even came with a carry case…. 5 Stars

  6. John Pickles

    I waited to submit a review on this jacket to see how it performs in summer heat. We have now had several days where the weather man suggests caution because of the heat. That means the heat index is north of 100 degrees. This Comfort Pro jacket is superior. If there is a slight breeze I can feel it through the jacket. It is hot in South La. this time of year. I can only wish that ComfortPro designs a jacket with a built in A/C system. Until then I will use this ComfortPro jacket and remain as comfortable as is possible while tending my bees.

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