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Ventilated Beekeeping Jacket with Round Veil
Ventilated Beekeeping Jacket with Fencing Veil
Ventilated Beekeeping Pants
ComfortPro Bee Suit YKK zipper
ComfortPro Ventilated Beekeeping Gloves

NewBee Special – Full Beekeeping Protection for New Beekeepers

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Everything you need to start your beekeeping journey. Order this NewBee combo and get your jacket, pants, gloves, and beginners course, a $364 value for $210 NEARLY 40% OFF!

  • Ventilated Jacket

    While many beekeepers look at getting a full suit when starting out, it has been our experience that a jacket and pants combination is the best way for new beekeepers to start out. You get the option of full protection (with pants and jacket) and the benefit of being able to just wear your jacket for quick inspections or days when the bees are calm and happy. Having the right combination for the right day will make you more likely to get in the bee yard when its needed. (See size chart at bottom of page)

    *Ventilated Jacket Size

    Veil Type

    Veil type is a personal preference. Our recommendation for new beekeepers is to choose to get both. They easily zip on and off your jacket so you can try both and decide which you prefer and keep the second as a backup.

    Ventilated Pants

    Our ventilated bee pants are a great option for new beekeepers. They offer the option of full protection when starting out or doing deep inspection or honey harvesting, but can also be left off when doing quick inspections. These pants are mad extra stretchy and forgiving (like sweat pants). (See size chart at bottom of page)

    *Ventilated Pants Size

    Ventilated Goat Skin Gloves

    While you may have heard some suggest it's best to work bees without gloves, it is not best to start that way. Feeling safe around your bees is vital to becoming a good beekeeper. If you are timid you will put off inspections and your bees and your beekeeping journey will be set back. You should always have a good pair of gloves, even if you goal some day is to work your bees without them.

    *Ventilated Goat Skin Gloves Size

    Online Beginning Beekeeping Course

    We are including our complete online beekeeping course for FREE for new beekeepers. This course usually costs $139! We know the importance of education, especially when it comes to beekeeper success. ComfortPro Suits is dedicated to helping new beekeepers become successful beekeepers and enjoy a life long beekeeping journey and we hope that this course along with your new jacket and pants will help you in that journey. 



Jacket Size Chart:

ComfortPro Ventilated Bee Jacket Size Chart 2022

Pants Size Chart:

ComfortPro Ventilated Beekeeping Pants Size Chart


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